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15th March 2023  Product update: Nimisha Suraj

A Boost for the EU’s Rapidly Growing Sustainable Pet Food Sector

Insect product manufacturers in Malaysia have been eligible to export their products to EU and UK markets since June 2022, thus adding Malaysia to an exclusive list of countries, including Canada, the UK, South Korea, and Switzerland, that are allowed to export insect-based material into the EU market. This development has been considered an advantage for the Malaysian economy, as Malaysia is a major food producer heavily reliant on agricultural exports.

Nutrition Technologies is the first company in Malaysia to be approved for the export of insect-based materials into the EU market, having been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture as of February 2023.

Nutrition Technologies is a Malaysian-based company specializing in the manufacture and supply of insect-based protein meal, oil, and insect manure or frass – the company uses beneficial microbes and Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BFSL) and a low-energy, zero-waste production model to grow their insect larvae on clean and traceable agro-industrial byproducts. This development is excellent news for the EU’s rapidly growing sustainable pet food sector, as it enables the European market to gain access to high-quality, low-energy insect-based materials.

Insect meal is considered one of the most sustainable sources of protein available, with applications in pet food, livestock, and aquatic feed; insect meal is also considered a great substitute for pets that have allergies to common pet food components, such as beef or lamb. Moreover, studies indicate that over 25% of greenhouse gases emitted through traditional meat production are associated with pet food production; this number can be reduced through the use of tropically farmed insects, as they produce only a fraction of the greenhouse gases emitted as compared to traditional meat production, thereby reducing a manufacturer’s carbon footprint – a major advantage for manufacturers who prioritize sustainability.

Malaysian insect products are generally produced in accordance with EU regulations, with production facilities that are GMP and HACCP certified, which also includes complete batch traceability. The larvae used for the production of insect products are fed with vegetable-based agro-industrial byproducts such as palm and grain byproducts, making them the most sustainable option in insect products today.

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Date Published: 15th March 2023

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