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3rd November 2021  Product update: newprotein staff writer

Merit Functional Foods’ New Energy Bar Concept Packs 20g of Plant Protein per 60g Serving

Merit Functional Foods introduced two ingredient innovations at the recent SupplySide West 2021 conference in Las Vegas.

One is a protein bar concept that provides 20g of plant protein per 60g serving and is made with a blend of two of Merit’s proprietary ingredients: Puratein® and Peazazz®. The other is a ready-to-mix protein powder made from Peazazz® and Puratein® C with almost 77% protein content.

Both concepts achieve a PDCAAS of 1.0. PDCAAS stands for Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score. It's a rating approved by the FDA and FAO/WHO to evaluate the quality of a protein. 1 is the highest score, on par with cow's milk and eggs.

Here's more about Merit’s portfolio of ingredients.

Peazazz® is a pea protein with 90% of purity and high solubility that imparts a smooth mouthfeel without added texturants or gums.

Puratein® is a line of canola ingredients with 90% of purity. It's comprised of three products:

  • Puratein® HS: it has high oil-binding and low water-binding capacity that prevents protein bars from hardening over time
  • Puratein® C: it has whipping, foaming, and gelling properties that make it ideal for vegan, egg-free, and gluten-free bakery applications
  • Puratein® G: it has gelling, binding, and emulsification properties for plant-based foods and beverages

Merit’s portfolio also includes Peazac®, a creamier pea-based ingredient that that can be used in ready-to-mix beverages as a 1:1 replacement for pea protein currently on the market.

These ingredients are produced in Merit’s state-of-the-art facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba and are GMO-free.

According to a report by FutureBridge, canola protein is poised to replace soy as the main plant protein in the next five years. Pea protein is also set to experience a massive growth, which research by Global Market Insights estimates at 12% CAGR between 2021 and 2027.

To find out more about Merit Functional Foods, visit their website or use the button below to request more info.



Date Published: 3rd November 2021

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Note: This content has been edited by a staff writer for style and content.

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