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26th June 2024  Content supplied by: Bunge

Bunge: Meeting Demand With New Pea and Faba Protein Concentrates

Bunge is expanding its portfolio to include pea and faba protein concentrates, which complement our leading soy protein concentrate portfolio. For this, we are collaborating with Golden Fields, an agricultural company and key dry miller of pea and faba in Europe, to meet the rising demand for plant proteins beyond soy in the food, pet, and feed segments. Golden Fields built and will operate a new factory in Liepaja, Latvia to produce exclusively for Bunge.

Meaningful product attributes
Bunge’s new range of pea and faba protein concentrates are non-GMO, light in color, finely powdered, and deliver 55-70% protein on a dry-basis. This allows food and feed customers to easily enhance protein content and support non-GMO and allergen-free labelling.

  • Non-GMO
  • Light in colour
  • Finely powdered
  • 55-70% protein content
  • Allergen free


Sustainability benefits
Bunge’s pea and faba protein concentrates also bring sustainability benefits as they’re made from pea and faba farmed through crop-rotation practices and are extracted via dry-fractionation without using water or solvents, which are typically utilized in pulse protein production. Crop sourcing originates from a European network of local farmers across Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, limiting distance to the processing venue.

Expert Consultation
The offering of soy, pea, and faba protein concentrates complements our oils, fats, and lecithins portfolio for customized solutions to meet a broad range of customer needs across food and feed.



Date Published: 26th June 2024

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