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Industrializing Cultivated Meats and Seafood San Francisco 31 Aug 1 Sept 2022
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Pea Protein for Beverages
Peazazz CTM is a uniquely different pea protein with exceptional solubility and low viscosity (for a smooth texture, without sedimentation in RTD beverages), high purity up to 88%, and the ability to support low sodium claims in high protein applications.  more... 
Vegetarian Chicken Salad
Ever wondered how to make a great tasting, vegetarian, plant-based alternative to chicken?  In this fascinating video Food Technologists at BENEO show us how.  more... 
Filtration turns brewers grains into protein
Pall Membralox Microfiltration System upcycles brewer´s saved grains converting it into high-functional plant-based ingredients where it was previously used for animal feed.  more... 
Gavan’s proprietary modification platform harnesses the versatility of each plant component’s unique functional characteristics to produce: natural colors, protein isolates, flavor enhancers, gluten substitutes, and other useful compounds.  more... 
CB Therapeutics experts in precision fermentation
Precision fermentation experts CB Therapeutics can produce bioidentical, animal-free proteins, peptides, fats, flavor compounds, and vitamins traditionally found in animal-based foods.  more... 
Future Food Tech London Sept 2022
Manufacturing Protein by Fermentation
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