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alternative protein sources
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Human Lactoferrin Cell Cultured Breast Milk
Wilk have successfully been able to produce lactoferrin in their labs, as a key nutrient in infant formula, this delivers a major step forward to manufacturing authentic ingredients for cell-cultured infant formula.  more... 
Ingredients for Cultivated Meat
By optimizing ingredients for the cell feed (or growth media), SuperMeat will be able to significantly lower production costs, and improve product quality – providing an open standard that can be used by cultivated meat companies around the world.  more... 
Alternate Dairy Product Marketing
The Alt Dairy Future community is now accepting members, who will benefit from collective marketing initiatives, PR and marketing support, networking opportunities, features on and the right to carry the Alt Dairy mark on their packaging and other marketing touchpoints.  more... 
Alternative protein balls in a pan
Utilising innnovative fermentation technology the plant will produce a meat replacement product from fungi with the potential to help build a more resilient and sustainable global food system.   more... 
Using upcycled barley grains as ingredients
Five scientists will advise and collaborate with the EverGrain R&D team to accelerate the use of BSG's (Brewers Saved Grain) uniquely sustainable plant-based proteins and fibers in nutrient-rich, low carbon foods and beverages.  more... 
Fermentation enabled alternative protein innovation Amsterdam 27-29 June 2022
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