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Delicious looking plant based burger beverage and side dishes
Kerry research into plant-based alternatives reveals sustainability and health are top drivers for flexitarians, but taste is key to consumer preference. The findings are now available in a series of downloadable eBooks full of useful insights for Product Developers.  more... 
Sunflowers in field
New technology has made it easier to extract protein from sunflower meals without damaging the proteins, giving an ingredient with neutral color and bland flavor. Martin Schweizer, Burcon NutraScience explains the advantages this ingredient can offer to alt protein food manufacturers.  more... 
Nuritas Founder and CEO Dr Nora Khaldi
Nuritas has built the world’s largest peptide knowledge base using its proprietary AI and genomics platform Nπϕ™ (Nuritas Peptide Finder). These peptides are validated in the lab and clinically tested, then scaled and patented before Nuritas takes them to market.  more... 
Pea protein
UP.P™ or 'Ultimate Pea Protein' offers what no other pea protein can, a demonstrable visual appeal and superior functionality while providing a level of affordability that is attracting global attention from leading food manufacturers.  more... 
Dairy Free Cream Cheese from Fava Beans
VEGA™ Boost cultures can be used to create a unique fermented fava bean cream cheese alternative that can easily be tweaked by using flavors or spices that meet regional preferences for taste, texture, and appearance and in a formulation which can be allergen-free.  more... 
Fermentation Enabled Alternative Protein Innovation Meeting
Bridge 2 Food Plant based proteins and foods course europe 2022
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