eNewsletter 16th December 2021.
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Motif Foodworks hemami technology
Delivering a umami flavour and a meaty aroma to plant-based meat alternatives, HEMAMI is a heme protein obtained from yeast through precision fermentation.  more... 
Aleph Farms Commercial prototype
The two companies signed a non-exclusive agreement to help the industry scale and achieve price-parity faster.  more... 
AMSBIO kits for cultivated meat
The new range will help cultivated meat companies at different stages of product development.  more... 
Upside Foods chicken nuggets
After testing it on cultivated chicken nuggets and hot dogs, UPSIDE will use it for its entire product portfolio.  more... 
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Fermentation Enabled - Alternative Protein Innovation 2022
This in-person conference will equip you with the information and partnerships to leverage fermentation biotechnology to increase the scalability, flavor, sustainability, and production efficiency of next-generation alternative protein sources.
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