eNewsletter 18th November 2021.
alternative sources of protein
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Vegan Whipped Cream Stabilizer
VEGEDAN® WP 1800 was developed in particular for coconut-based whipping cream, both for chilled and room temperature applications.  more... 
Ginkgo Bioworks Cell Development Kit
Researchers and entrepreneurs can finally lower the barrier to entry to prototypes for alternative food proteins, vaccine ingredients, biodegradable plastics, and sustainable chemicals.  more... 
redefine meat 3D-printed plant-based meat
Israeli company Redefine Meat partnered with several high-end restaurants to go beyond mince and offer whole cuts of 3D plant-based meat to diners.  more... 
kevin Clean-Label Protein Ingredients for Meat and Poultry
The new facility will produce ingredients for more than 100 billion pounds of meat, poultry and protein-based formulations.  more... 
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Special focus on ingredients derived from Insects
Read newprotein's latest special focus on the insect industry, featuring insect-based ingredients (proteins, fats, feed, etc.), equipment and services.
Fermentation Enabled - Alternative Protein Innovation 2022
This in-person conference will equip you with the information and partnerships to leverage fermentation biotechnology to increase the scalability, flavor, sustainability, and production efficiency of next-generation alternative protein sources.
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