Neogen Europe Ltd

Neogen Europe Ltd.

Neogen Europe has been developing and supplying diagnostic test kits and expert services to determine the quality and safety of food and agricultural products since 1998.  With wide ranging expertise, Neogen offers on-site diagnostic test kits and external laboratory testing services to ensure food safety throughout the entire supply chain, from farm to fork.

United Kingdom

Neogen offers solutions to detect Mycotoxins, marine and other natural toxins, speciation and allergens as well as a wide range of products for traditional and rapid microbiology, pathogens and spoilage organisms.  Neogen also offers a complete ATP (Adenosine Triosate) hygiene monitoring system.

In addition, our forensic toxicology and life science products are used by many leading organisations across the globe.  Neogen’s GeneSeek division is the leading agricultural genomics laboratory in the world and provides comprehensive veterinary and agrigenomic diagnostic solutions for the improvement of livestock and crops.

Product Areas

Food Safety and Quality

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