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crackers and cream cheese

Storage: To be stored in a cool dry place

Suitability: Bakery & Pastry, Meat fish & meat substitutes, sports & active nutrition, spreads, snacks, vegan cheese, desserts & ice creams

Shelf Life: 18 months inside the original closed packaging


SOJYFIB® is a 4-in-1 natural ingredient combining fibers (45%), proteins (30%), lipids, and minerals. SOJYFIB® is from French non-GMO soy. In 1995, we established a supply chain for our soybeans, and the analyses we make at each step of processing guarantee the absence of GMOs. SOJYFIB® comes from seed residues called okara, a soy drinks co-product. That’s why we can say that SOJYFIB® is an upcycled ingredient!

Its functional powers:

  • Emulsifier and texturizer agent
  • Oil and water retention
  • Neutral taste
  • Additives replacement


Its nutritional powers:

  • Rich in fibers (45%)
  • Rich in plant-based proteins (30%)
  • Rich in iron, zinc and magnesium


Key Points:
  • Emulsifier/Texturizer
  • Strong water and oil retention
  • Upcycled ingredient
  • Additives alternatives
  • French non-GMO Soy
  • Rich in fibers
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