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Sports recovery powdered beverage

Storage: To be stored in a cool dry place

Suitability: Sports & active nutrition products (energy balls, ready-to-mix powders for recovery, protein bars, protein desserts etc.)

Shelf Life: 18 months inside the original closed packaging


PEAKARA® is a plant-based ingredient that is densely nutritious, derived from European yellow pea, and guaranteed non-GMO. PEAKARA® has been developed for sports nutrition recovery post-workout.

At Ingood by Olga, we want to limit our impact and food waste and move towards a circular model: PEAKARA® is a highly nutritional upcycled vegetable protein concentrated at 55%.

A complete source of essential amino acids (Chemical index: 152, regulation 96/8 CE), PEAKARA® is highly digestible (PDCAAS: 1, FAO 1991).

Its functional powers:

  • Easy to disperse
  • Neutral and balanced taste
  • Non-allergenic

Its nutritional powers:

  • Rich in essential amino acids : 45,8%
  • Rich in BCAA : 22,4%
  • Good Omega 3/Omega ratio (1:5)
  • Rich in fibers : 8,4%

Key Points:
  • European yellow pea
  • Upcycled ingredient
  • Rich In BCCAA
  • Complete source of essential amino acids highly digestible
  • Rich in fibers
  • Vegan
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