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8th November 2022  Editorial by: newprotein staff writer

Why Partner With Ingredient Maker Puris

Wouldn't it be great if your ingredient supplier could help you with every step of your plant-based product development process, from test-kitchen to market launch? Puris can.

  • Puris ingredients are suitable for a diverse range of applications, enabling real innovation.
  • Puris can help you to enhance your plant-based portfolio offering support at every step of the development process.
  • Puris can even help with brand design, go-to-market strategy, and retail support.


Leading the plant-based protein movement by making organic and non-GMO ingredients more functional, accessible, affordable, and nutrient-rich, PURIS ingredients fuel some of retail's biggest brands, from alternative meats to non-dairy milks and everything in between. Its newly launched consumer brand Acremade is poised to disrupt the plant-based egg industry with its egg technology platform.

PURIS is the exclusive manufacturer of PURIS™ Pea protein, starches, fibers, and more non-GMO ingredients from soy, pulses, lentils, and other plant sources. Puris sustainable ingredients promote healthier eating and practices that are safe for people, the environment, and life on earth.

Discover ingredients for plant-based innovation here or contact the supplier for details using the green request information button below.



Date Published: 8th November 2022

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