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28th March 2022  Content supplied by: Biospringer

White Paper: How to Craft the World's Most Delicious and Innovative Alternative Meats

Alternative meats - from veggie burgers to tofu nuggets - have been around for years. But their recent surge in popularity has been driven not by new enthusiasm for the old standbys, but by innovative food products that provide close imitations to real meat, while introducing novelty-hungry consumers to new (and often healthier) plant-based alternatives.

Recognising this important shift in consumer behaviour towards the consumption of less meat and the demand for meat analogues, which don't compromise on taste, Biospringer have prepared a free white paper to assist food product developers.

Find out:
  • What’s at stake as meat analogues grow?
  • What’s driving consumer choice for meat analogues?
  • Innovations driving the future of alternative meats
  • The spectrum of meat analogues
  • Challenges in formulating meat substitutes
  • Why is yeast extract a great ingredient?
  • Choosing your plant-based ingredients


Download the White Paper



Date Published: 28th March 2022

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