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21st May 2024  Content supplied by: Waring

Waring Introduces PlanitPOD Fermentation System

  • The innovative appliance uses shelf-stable, soy-free plant blends and proprietary organic culture. to ferment and pasteurize fresh, customizable plant-based proteins in 24 hours.
  • The PlanitPOD fermentation process eliminates the environmental impact of traditional protein production, like costly refrigerated supply chains.
  • Featuring preprogrammed software for consistent cooking and a step-by-step preparation process, the system is designed to provide chefs with the ability to create a wide variety of plant proteins in their own kitchens.

Waring, a trusted source for high-performance kitchen appliances for more than 85 years, today announces the introduction of the PlanitPOD Fermentation System, a revolutionary appliance that ferments and pasteurizes fresh, customizable plant-based proteins in 24 hours.

Developed in collaboration with Planit Protein, PlanitPOD unleashes the future of food with an innovative eco-friendly platform. Using Planit Protein's shelf-stable, soy-free plant blends and proprietary organic culture, PlanitPOD produces tempeh, koji, and other plant-based proteins for a diverse range of fresh, fermented menu items.

In keeping with planet-friendly consumer values, the PlanitPOD fermentation process eliminates the environmental toll the production of traditional sources of protein takes on the planet, like costly refrigerated supply chains. Waring developed PlanitPOD as the ultimate industry solution, with protein and fermentation reimagined for plant-based menu items made on-site with clean ingredients that are good for people, the planet, and profitability.

"Our goal was to bring healthy food to the masses while safely and broadly unlocking the benefits of natural fermentation for the culinary world," said Waring General Manager and Senior Vice President Dan DeBari. "We've worked with some of the greatest minds in the field of fermentation to develop this turnkey solution. We're ready to provide chefs with the canvas to create a wide and ever-expanding variety of plant proteins right in their own kitchens."

A New World of Flavor Awaits
Designed to be the world's most efficient fermentation chamber, PlanitPOD features carefully curated software that comes preprogrammed to take the guesswork out of fermentation and ensure consistent cooking every time. The step-by-step preparation process makes it easy to create the canvas for new culinary masterpieces. Menu inspiration includes POD protein tikka masala, Middle Eastern POD protein lettuce wraps, plant-based burgers, and crispy chicken sandwiches, and much more.

"The turnkey technology for fearless fermentation empowers chefs to explore new horizons of culinary creativity and meet the ever-growing demand for menu options that are nutritious, delicious, and sustainable," says Chef Jeremy Umansky, one of the world's foremost experts on fermentation and co-author of Koji Alchemy: Rediscovering the Magic of Mold-Based Fermentation.

Introducing Waring
The brand will also debut a shortened name at this year's National Restaurant Association Show, announcing its evolution from "Waring Commercial" to "Waring."

"Waring Commercial has served us well for years," said DeBari. "However, we've been colloquially known as Waring for a long time now, and the time felt right to make it official. The simplified name embodies what we envision for the next 85 years of the brand: breakthrough innovations that simplify the myriad of challenges of professional kitchens and make life easier for those working in them day in and day out."

The PlanitPOD will be on display and in use at this year's National Restaurant Association Show at Waring's booth, #2716. Waring will host a special demonstration of the PlanitPOD's innovative capabilities with Chef Jeremy Umansky on Sunday (5/19) at 2:30 p.m.

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Date Published: 21st May 2024

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