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25th August 2022  Content supplied by: GoodMills Innovation GmbH

VITATEX® Vegan-Snack-Mix For Vegan Meat Alternatives Without Compromise

GoodMills Innovation has launched VITATEX® Vegan-Snack-Mix – a novel premix for burgers and meatballs, as well as savory bakery and snack fillings based on wheat proteins. The mix has been specially adapted for production in the bakery and impresses with its ease of processing. Products with the Vegan-Snack-Mix are characterized by a juicy bite and authentic meat flavor.

Vegan and vegetarian products are now part of everyday life, whether for a main meal or on-the-go snack, with plant-based meat alternatives becoming increasingly popular. Bakers and butchers with snack counters, bistros, canteens, and other food service providers are therefore expanding their product ranges to meet this growing demand. With the VITATEX® Vegan-Snack-Mix, GoodMills Innovation offers an optimal solution: a wheat protein-based mix for the production of meatballs of all sizes and burgers, as well as bakery and snack fillings. Processing is extremely simple; the mix is combined with water and oil and is then shaped and ready for use.

Manufacturers who want to give their products an individual touch can refine the mixture with additional spices or fresh ingredients in line with their own ideas. The subsequent processing is similar to that of a meat mass. It is freezer-stable in both the raw and baked state and can be prepared in a pan or deep fryer, in the oven, or on the grill.

Authentic taste profile

Although more and more consumers are giving up meat, they certainly have no intention of sacrificing indulgence: Meat alternatives must therefore meet the highest sensory standards, especially when it comes to the flexitarian target group. That's why, when developing basic recipes with the VITATEX® Vegan-Snack-Mix, the experts at GoodMills Innovation placed particular emphasis on a meat-like flavor profile as well as authentic texture. Depending on the final product concept, the recipes can be individually refined with fresh ingredients such as vegan cream cheese or vegetables. The VITATEX® Vegan-Snack-Mix is also suitable as a basis for vegetarian product concepts and can be expanded with appropriate ingredients.

Limitless snack possibilities

The basic recipes developed by GoodMills Innovation are either implemented by manufacturers as they are or used as the basis for their own tailored snack concepts. These include the so-called "Veganelle," a purely vegetable meatball for a simple and tasty snack such as a sandwich. The basic recipe can be easily expanded: For an "Olive Veganelle," add chopped olives, Italian herbs, and spices to the mixture, shape it into patties and prepare them in a pan, deep fryer, or oven.

Depending on how the basic recipe is expanded, vegetarian concepts can also be implemented: A "Vegetarian Vegetable Twister," for example, which is refined with spinach, vegetable broth, and egg – or the "Vegetarian Mediterranean Twister" with olives, feta cheese, onions, and oregano. There are no limits to the taste variations here. Due to the uncomplicated processing, the development of individual recipes is also very easy.

The VITATEX® Vegan-Snack-Mix does not contain any artificial colors or soy and offers bakers, butchers, and other businesses in the snack segment the opportunity to reach new target groups – while also meeting the increasingly complex nutritional demands of existing customer groups.

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Date Published: 25th August 2022

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