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26th February 2024  Editorial by: newprotein staff writer

VIN'FIBR'ALG® the 100% Natural Solution to Food Additive Concerns

VINPAI, a specialist in the design, manufacture, and marketing of algae- and plant-based functional ingredients for the food and cosmetics industries, underlines its commitment to combating carcinogenic food additives through its 100% natural functional ingredients range VIN'FIBR'ALG®.

A recent INSERM study[1] published on February 13, 2024, suggests a potential correlation between certain emulsifying additives and an increased risk of cancers. The study, based on data from over 92,000 NutriNet-Santé project participants, highlights the dangers of certain emulsifying food additives and notably reveals potential links between the consumption of these additives and an increased risk of cancers, including breast and prostate cancer.

In this context, Vinpai introduces its VIN’FIBR’ALG® range, a natural alternative based on algae and plant fibres, replacing controversial emulsifiers in processed foods. This innovative solution meets the growing consumer demand for healthier, more natural products while providing additional nutritional benefits. By exclusively focusing on the natural ingredients market, Vinpai contributes to the transition towards healthier and more sustainable nutrition, offering promising prospects for the food market and a concrete solution to reduce exposure to potentially carcinogenic chemical additives.

Vinpai stands out by offering an innovative product range developed from marine algae and plant fibres, thus providing a natural substitute for chemical additives. These functional and natural ingredients not only improve the texture and flavour of food but also extend its shelf life while safeguarding consumer health.

Philippe Le Ray, CEO and Co-founder, states: "With its deep knowledge of algae and the functionalities sought in food product manufacturing, Vinpai developed the VIN’FIBR’ALG® range - composed solely of synergies between terrestrial and algae plant fibres - to meet the market demand and industrial concerns. This innovative ingredient range offers a natural substitute for chemical additives, which are produced through chemical processes to separate or isolate elements from originally natural products. At Vinpai, we chose a different path by leveraging the complexity of plants to combine them and achieve the technical characteristics needed by industries while enhancing nutritional aspects. With the support and expertise of the Rennes Culinary Centre, we can also test our powder applications in everyday products."

The VIN'FIBR'ALG® range will be publicly launched at the CFIA, a key event for the Agri-food industry, taking place in Rennes from March 12 to 14, 2024. Visit stand 4-D47 or reach out for more details using the green "Request Information" button below.


  1. The consumption of certain food additive emulsifiers may increase the risk of cancer.



Date Published: 26th February 2024

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