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17th October 2022  Content supplied by: Chinova Bioworks

Vegan Fining Agent is a Game Changer for Brewers and Wine Makers

Chinova Bioworks, a Canadian-based food and beverage start-up have introduced Mycobrio™, a dual-functioning mushroom-derived fining agent and natural preservation ingredient formulated explicitly for alcoholic and low/non-alcoholic beverage markets.

Mycobrio™ is a natural, liquid chitosan fiber extract derived from the stems of white button mushrooms and formulated to replace synthetic and animal-derived fining agents traditionally used in fermented drinks. It also provides broad-spectrum protection against spoilage as a natural antimicrobial agent in wines, beers, ciders, and seltzers. No other chitosan ingredient can rapidly clarify beverages while simultaneously protecting against microbial spoilage.

"We are thrilled to have Mycobrio™ launch into these new alcoholic and low to non-alcoholic beverage categories for Chinova as our newest natural mushroom innovation," said Natasha Dhayagude, CEO and Co-founder of Chinova Bioworks. "Especially with consumers demanding beverage formulations that include natural and healthier ingredients in the alcoholic space, it is the perfect time for manufacturers to switch from traditional animal-derived fining agents to alternatives such as Mycobrio™, a non-GMO, vegan, Kosher, Organic, and clean label ingredient."

Mycobrio™ rapidly fines yeast, tannins, proteins, and other particulate matter from beer, wine, cider, and seltzers. It is an advanced natural replacement for synthetic and animal-derived fining agents such as isinglass, PVPP, bentonite, and gelatin. Depending on the process, it can reduce or replace the need for cold crashing, filtration, and centrifugation methods which takes up valuable manufacturing time and equipment and produces a large amount of energy.

"Mycobrio™ is a game changer for brewers and winemakers. It can reduce or eliminate cold crashing, filtration, and centrifugation processes which will save brands significant production costs and increase their energy efficiency," said David Brown, Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Chinova Bioworks. "There's no need for operators to make stock solutions, pre-dissolve, or wait when using Mycrobrio™. It's a drop-in, ready-to-use solution that’s going to really change the game for brewers looking for sustainable and natural fining options."

The launch of Mycobrio™ comes in the wake of Chinova Bioworks securing $6 million in Series A funding to expand manufacturing on Prince Edward Island. The company recently won the 2022 NutraIngredients-USA Award for the Start-Up category and received FDA GRAS No Questions Letter status for Chiber™, its other mushroom-derived preservation ingredient

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Date Published: 17th October 2022

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