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22nd June 2023  Product update: GOOD Meat and UPSIDE Foods

UPSIDE Foods and GOOD Meat Get Go Ahead for US Sale of Cultivated Chicken

The FDA and USDA have been working collaboratively to establish a regulatory framework for the oversight of cultivated meat products, also sometimes known as lab-grown or cell-based meat. The FDA has jurisdiction over the initial stages of cell collection and development, while the USDA oversees the production and labeling of meat products.

As of now, the USDA has primarily focused on the labeling aspect of cultivated meat products. In March 2019, the USDA and FDA issued a joint statement indicating their intent to work together on a regulatory framework for cultured meat. They expressed that both agencies would share the oversight responsibilities, with the FDA overseeing the early stages of the cell collection and culture process and the USDA taking over during the cell harvest and subsequent processing stages.

Both UPSIDE Foods and GOOD Meat have now gained USDA approval to begin the sale of their cultivated chicken in USA which is a crucial first step for cultivated meat companies in bringing their products to a mass market.

It's important to keep in mind that regulations and approval processes are subject to change and the specific regulatory pathway and requirements for cultivated meat products may vary depending on the country or region.

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Date Published: 22nd June 2023

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