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17th October 2022  Content supplied by: Merit Functional Foods

Unlocking Superior Taste and Texture in Plant-based Beverages at SupplySide West

Delivering high protein and plant-based versions of consumer favorites like milk alternatives, RTD beverages, and protein bars have been synonymous with taste and formulation challenges – they simply don’t measure up to dairy-based versions. Merit Functional Foods is changing this notion at this year’s SupplySide West trade show, highlighting pea and canola protein ingredients that can help overcome these historic challenges.

“When our research and applications team hear of a formulation challenge that exists in the market, it motivates us to get to work and strategically apply the benefits of our protein ingredients in applications,” Merit’s Co-CEO Ryan Bracken said. “It’s such a rewarding feeling when we help find a new solution to a long-standing problem using a nutritious and sustainable ingredient like plant protein.”

Merit is sampling a ready-to-drink plant-based milk made with Peazazz C™, the company’s newest pea protein that enables a smooth, grit-free texture in ready-to-drink beverages without chalkiness. Using Merit’s membrane filtration technology, it delivers a unique combination of high solubility and low viscosity that enables a creamy texture that has traditionally been associated with dairy.

Beyond this, Peazazz C™ offers up to 88% protein, a neutral flavor profile, and four times less sodium than standard pea proteins. The company also recently introduced an organic version of this ingredient, Certified Organic Peazazz C™ 850.

“Beverage makers likely know the complaint from consumers: products made with plant-based protein ingredients are often chalky with a gritty texture, resulting in sedimentation at the bottom of the bottle,” Bracken said. “Peazazz C™ is the solution to this common issue, with a unique combination of high solubility and low viscosity that equates to the smooth, silky textures that have defined dairy-based beverages for ages.”

Another example of application success is Merit’s new vegan energy bites, featuring a high-purity chocolate compound that can be used both for coatings and inclusions. Until now, there has not been a taste-forward, high-protein, and vegan chocolate in the market.

Not only are you getting the delicious taste of chocolate, but you are also adding high-quality protein to the compound,” Bracken said. “Beyond this, Merit’s high purity non-GMO Puratein® C canola protein has functionality that results in bars and bites that stay softer over shelf life.”

Merit will have prototypes of this innovation at SupplySide West in the form of salted caramel protein energy bites made with Peazazz® pea protein and non-GMO Puratein® C canola protein. The prototype features protein-fortified vegan dark chocolate coating and inclusions and 20g of protein per serving – all with a PDCAAS of 1.

Merit’s product portfolio consists of exclusively Canadian-grown, non-GMO canola, and pea protein ingredients produced in the company’s facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba using membrane filtration technology for unmatched purity, exceptional taste, and excellent solubility.

We look forward to meeting dietary supplement, beverage, functional food, and sports nutrition brands at the show and discussing how our plant protein ingredients can deliver better taste and nutrition in their next product innovation,” Bracken said.

This year’s SupplySide West expo hall is open Nov. 2-3 in Las Vegas, and Merit’s booth is 2920.

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Date Published: 17th October 2022

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