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11th March 2021  Content supplied by: newprotein staff writer

Uniprotein® - Microbial Fermention Product for Sustainable, Organic Pig Feed

The microbial Uniprotein® product from Unibio has been tested as feed for piglets at TestPig, the Danish Pig Advisory Center in Herning, in cooperation with Aarhus University and Danish Agro, and the conclusion is clear: Uniprotein® product passes without any problem the test as partial replacement of potato protein and prime fishmeal. Uniprotein® product is organic and highly sustainable compared with similar products. It is (bio)-industrially produced through a fermentation process with methane as feedstock, thus requiring no agricultural land and not contributing to overfishing and fish stock depletion.

The production of Uniprotein® product is based on a very sustainable technology – the U-Loop® fermentor, which converts methane gas to microbial biomass with a very high protein content – that is, above 70%.

Read study results in more details here: www.unibio.dk/



Date Published: 11th March 2021

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