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10th April 2024  Content supplied by: GoodMills Innovation GmbH

TIP-TOP® Ultra Clean Release Flours: A Breath of Fresh Air for Bakers

GoodMills Innovation's TIP-TOP® Ultra Clean Range: A Solution to Fine Dust

  • GoodMills Innovation's range of flours is hydrothermally treated to reduce dust production, benefiting employee health, factory hygiene, and production economics.
  • The thermal treatment inactivates the flour's enzymes, creating a water-repellant surface structure that prevents microbiological growth.
  • The unique refining process produces a particle structure that delivers outstanding release performance. When replacing standard dusting flours with TIP-TOP® release flours, consumption can be reduced by up to 70%.
  • The range includes clean-label flour varieties made exclusively from wheat grains and milled rye, which enhance the appearance of breads, pastries, and other baked goods.

GoodMills Innovation’s TIP-TOP® Ultra Clean range offers a solution to the long-standing issue of fine dust for bakeries and baking industries using release flours. The flours are hydrothermally treated to reduce the amount of dust they produce, with tangible benefits for employee health and safety, factory hygiene, and production economics. Companies that use TIP-TOP® Ultra Clean flours can minimise their risk of exposure to respiratory diseases while benefitting from reduced cleaning and maintenance and a mould-free environment.

No more fine flour dust
Low-dust TIP-TOP® release flours are hydrothermally treated, a physical process during which the fine fractions are aggregated into larger particles. These higher-density particles settle quickly, keeping the working environment free from airborne particles. Measurements performed in bakeries have confirmed that TIP-TOP® Ultra Clean produces up to 80 percent less respirable dust compared to common wheat flour1. This mitigates the risk of respiratory diseases such as baker’s asthma, promoting a safer workplace.

Active mould prevention
A further benefit of the thermal treatment is that it inactivates the flour's enzymes and creates a water-repellant surface structure that prevents microbiological growth. For an industry that has long accepted mould as part and parcel of a humid working environment, this represents a breakthrough. Thanks to TIP-TOP® Ultra Clean’s active mould prevention action, bakers no longer have to contend with visible mould on boards, fermentation carriers, conveyor belts, cloths and proofing baskets or with the invisible spores that present a risk to health. By eliminating the growth of microorganisms, they can maintain a clean, safe and hygienic workplace.

Improved production economics
TIP-TOP® Ultra Clean also enables bakeries to make cost savings through extended maintenance and cleaning intervals, reduced wear and tear to equipment and shorter cleaning routines. The low dust load protects fine ball bearings and sensitive electronics, plus light barriers stay cleaner for longer. Costly repairs and unplanned downtime are reduced and maintenance internals and equipment lifespan are prolonged. Additionally, TIP-TOP® Ultra Clean offers great potential for cost efficiencies through lower usage levels. The unique refining process results in a particle structure that delivers outstanding release performance. This means that when replacing standard dusting flours with TIP-TOP® release flours, consumption can be reduced by up to 70%.

Clean label credentials
The TIP-TOP® Ultra Clean range includes clean label flour varieties tailored to different applications and produced from different grains. TIP-TOP® Ultra Clean is made exclusively from wheat grains, whilst TIP-TOP® Ultra Clean RYE is a variant made from milled rye. Both flours can enhance the appearance of breads, pastries and other baked goods. Used for dusting, they result in a traditional and rustic ‘flour dusted’ look, and used as a release flour, they deliver the shiny, flaky crust consumers expect from wheat baked goods.

Visit Goodmills Innovation to learn more, or use the Request Information button to connect with the company.

1 Source: IGV-Potsdam



Date Published: 10th April 2024

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