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31st July 2023  Content supplied by: Bioveritas

The Clean Label Mold Inhibitor With No Compromise on Taste

BioVeritas, LLC, a bio-based ingredients company pioneering a proprietary upcycling process, has announced the findings of a rigorous, third-party study completed by a leading independent university sensory research laboratory. The study, focused on bread, demonstrated that the BioVeritas clean label mold inhibitor created no noticeable change to the flavor profile of the finished product, positioning it as a leading 'drop-in replacement' for petrochemical ingredients.

Historically, clean-label mold inhibitors have delivered on consumer desires for less processed or non-petrochemical-based ingredients, but have traded off efficacy to do so. These results mark a significant step forward for the clean label movement –- a next generation of clean ingredients that deliver on the natural promise consumers demand, coupled with the familiar performance and flavor characteristics consumers know and love.

This full sensory study evaluated taste and texture for both petrochemical-derived calcium propionate and the BioVeritas clean label mold inhibitor. Most importantly, the study results indicated that BioVeritas’ product yielded little to no change in the flavor profile of the finished bread. The trained expert panel also detected no substantial differences in the texture of the final product.

These flavor and texture results, when coupled with a recently concluded shelf-life study, illustrate how BioVeritas is positioned to be a leading clean-label ingredient manufacturer that can deliver on both sensory and efficacy for bread makers. In the prior shelf-life study, BioVeritas’ clean-label product extended shelf life by an average of 30% in bread loaves and tortillas compared to a leading clean-label competitor. Further highlighting BioVeritas’ efficacy, the recommended dosage of BioVeritas’ clean label mold inhibitor is 3-5 times lower than top clean label competitors, which drives additional cost efficiency in logistics and supports the food industry’s decarbonization efforts.

In the food world, if you cannot deliver on flavor, having a clean label is almost meaningless,” stated Pareen Shah, Chief Commercial Officer of BioVeritas. “We are forging new territory in the clean label arena by delivering on both flavor and efficacy. We are poised to make that trade-off a thing of the past – just as we’ll make petrochemical calcium propionate itself a thing of the past.

BioVeritas is currently shipping samples for qualification at manufacturer plants. For more information on BioVeritas’ solutions and service details, please use the green button below.



Date Published: 31st July 2023

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