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14th August 2023  Content supplied by: Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak 2023 – Pilot Project for Sustainable Food Ingredients and Processes

Tetra Pak Processing Solutions & Equipment have ambitious targets related to sustainability, food safety, and health. We understand that we cannot do this journey alone and that partnering is key. Embracing open innovation, we at Tetra Pak are running win-win projects with leading innovators — such as yourself.

Again this year, Tetra Pak are looking for startups that are ready to begin the pilot project now. Tetra Pak provides financial cover for the entire pilot project and outcomes and IPs will stay with the startups themselves.

What’s in it for you?
  • Accelerate your development
    • Challenge and advance your solution with our engineering and technology experts
    • Accelerate development with support from our process engineers, food technologists, and software specialists
    • Benefit from our worldwide Technical and Product Development Centers Network
    • Utilize industrial-size test line-solutions with Tetra Pak’s core technology
    • Mix, heat, cool, homogenize, separate, purify, and concentrate your solution using the cutting-edge processing and filling equipment

  • Accelerate your business
    • Challenge your solution with experienced business development and sales experts
    • Access Tetra Pak’s world-wide network of partners, customers, and suppliers
    • Explore new opportunities and strategies to bring your solution to the market
    • Become the preferred supplier in a fast-paced target market


Why is Tetra Pak PSE an interesting partner for you? We provide advanced food manufacturing solutions that complete Tetra Pak’s end-to-end offering to the food and beverage industry, fulfilling our commitment to “make food safe and available, everywhere”. Our food processing equipment covers applications such as dairy, cheese, ice cream, beverages, powder, and prepared food, serving over 5000 customers worldwide including Nestlé, Danone, and PepsiCo. Committing to ‘Protect What’s Good’, we aim to continue pushing for sustainable food systems.

There are 2 lens, focusing on ingredients and sustainability, and applications close on 8th September 2023.  Click here to learn more.



Date Published: 14th August 2023

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