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13th June 2024  Content supplied by: Tate & Lyle

Tate & Lyle Launch Mastering the Marvel of Mouthfeel™ Campaign

  • Uses proprietary formulation tool, 'Tate & Lyle Sensation™', to enhance sensory experience and brand differentiation.
  • Research by Kantar¹ indicates positive sensory experiences increase brand loyalty.
  • Campaign aims to optimize profitability, reformulate for cleaner labels, healthier products, and support customer innovation teams.

Tate & Lyle has launched a new campaign to showcase its capabilities in texture and mouthfeel, including a new proprietary formulation tool, ‘Tate & Lyle Sensation™’. 

The campaign ‘Mastering the Marvel of Mouthfeel™’ will show food and beverage customers how Tate & Lyle can elevate products' sensory experience and increase consumer brand differentiation. The campaign will be rolled out across digital media channels such as LinkedIn and Google and trade publications, with content distribution throughout the year.

International consumer research conducted by Kantar¹ found that when consumer perception of positive and distinctive sensory experiences increases so does brand loyalty, highlighting the importance of texture and mouthfeel in successful and resilient brands.

Through this campaign, Tate & Lyle is promoting new capabilities in texture and mouthfeel, including the proprietary formulation tool Tate & Lyle Sensation™, as well as its mouthfeel solutions expertise.

Tate & Lyle has identified three key formulation opportunities in mouthfeel:

  • Optimising profitability whilst retaining great mouthfeel.
  • Reformulating to make products cleaner label, healthier and compliant with changing regulatory requirements.
  • Supporting their customer innovation teams to create exciting new textures in foods and beverages.  

Getting mouthfeel right in a formulation can be a challenge. Often there is a lack of insight about the preferences of consumer groups. We are focused on gathering these consumer insights and connecting them to our mouthfeel solutions, making our customers’ formulation process quicker and more accurate, ultimately helping their products be more successful in the market. This campaign shines a spotlight on Tate & Lyle’s capabilities as a go-to mouthfeel solutions partner: identifying customer challenges and opportunities and solving them.” - John Stewart, Senior Vice President, Texturants and Proteins at Tate & Lyle

To support customers in such challenges, Tate & Lyle is launching Tate & Lyle Sensation™, a new formulation tool to create the ideal mouthfeel solutions. Alongside its broad portfolio of ingredients composed of more than 250+ functional starches, fibres, hydrocolloids, stabilizers and proteins, and leading formulation expertise in texture, this creates a stronger mouthfeel solutions offering to the market.   

At Tate & Lyle we are investing in our global sensory capabilities. With the Tate & Lyle Sensation™ tool, we will map what consumers want in terms of mouthfeel by category and geography, translate these insights into scientific sensory language, and then deliver the right ingredient solutions for each specific desired mouthfeel attribute. By leveraging this agile and accurate tool, formulators can now develop superior products with enhanced texture and mouthfeel in a quicker and easier way.” Marcia Petit, Global Sensory Director at Tate & Lyle

The Tate & Lyle Sensation™ tool is currently launched in the North American market, with further roll-out planned for this year.  

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1. Kantar study: Taste: the most important driver of brand equity, and key contributor to resiliency ( . Carried out in the US, the UK and Japan across 38 brands.



Date Published: 13th June 2024

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