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14th February 2023  Content supplied by: Synonym Biotechnologies, Inc.

Synonym Releases First "State of Global Fermentation Capacity" Report

In November, Synonym Biotechnologies, Inc launched Capacitor.bio - the first comprehensive and free database of microbial fermentation facilities worldwide.

Synonym has now released the State of Global Fermentation Capacity Report. An analysis of trends in global fermentation capacity – based on the very latest data from Capacitor.bio.

Synonym’s first analysis of the data in Capacitor, offers new details on the state of biomanufacturing capacity worldwide. With 1,000+ registered users, 150 facilities in more than 30 countries, and 20+ required specifications per facility, Synonym have sifted through all the data to understand the current supply of, and the demand for, microbial fermentation capacity.

The report offers new and valuable details on types of facilities by geography, bioreactor sizes, product expertise, and more.

Some of the key findings include:
  • A great variety of industry sectors are searching for fermentation capacity, and more than half of them are located outside North America.
  • The world does have fermentation capacity, but nearly all of it is smaller-scale.
  • People are actively searching for larger-scale facilities and not finding them.


Highlighting trends in the data, the report aims to pinpoint the major infrastructure gaps we need to overcome for biomanufacturing to become a powerful building block in a greener global economy.

Take the headache out of scaling up and download your copy today.



Date Published: 14th February 2023

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