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20th July 2022  Content supplied by: Symrise AG

Symrise and Wageningen University Research, Pulses Optimized for Flavor and Functionality

In a partnership with Wageningen University, Symrise has started the Pulses Optimized for Flavor and Functionality project. It covers the supply chain from seed to product. The project takes a holistic approach, bringing together partners representing every stage of the protein supply chain from seed breeder to end user. By joining forces, Symrise and Wageningen University are making a special contribution to sustainable solutions that producers can rapidly adopt and scale up and are also benefitting the planet and people.

The project will:
  • Deliver fresh insights into plant science and food technology sharing across the entire value chain
  • Explore how taste and functionality result from the processing of raw materials and products
  • Address the growth of pulse-based protein alternatives in meat and dairy products
  • Foster mutual benefits and the potential to discover opportunities, by leveraging complementary expertise


The food industry and consumers are increasingly looking for proteins sourced from legumes, such as peas and broad beans. They want them to replace animal protein in alternative meat and dairy products. They also want these products to come from responsibly sourced and processed raw materials. To cover this demand, the Symrise and Wageningen team and partners build a comprehensive ecosystem. It ranges from seed production to securing consumer acceptance of improved meat and dairy alternatives.

The project aims to contribute to alternative protein transition by breeding pulses for optimal flavor and functionality. The species the project focuses on grows well in the European climate. They also work well as protein sources for human consumption. And they produce a relatively high yield and fix the nitrogen content of the soil. These factors make legumes and certain pulses with dried edible seeds attractive as protein crops.

Biodiversity through variety

The project investigates one of the major challenges of plant protein sources. Currently, legume proteins often lack optimal taste and functionality for use in consumer products. This project sees Symrise, plant scientists, food scientists and other partners collaborating to improve this situation by combining their expertise, specifically for use in complex foods.

This investment by Symrise and its partners is improving product quality as well as supporting biodiversity by breeding better varieties of pulses like peas and fava beans. The project will enable significant growth in the European pulses supply chain. It will also continue to drive the development of responsibly sourced ingredients that enhance quality and taste in the alternative protein market”, says Dr. Melanie Stuertz, Research & Technology, Symrise AG.

The project also welcomes participating organizations, including Emsland Starke, GDM Holding SA, Plant & Bean, Symrise AG, Unilever, Van Dinter Semo, Van Waveren, Vion Food Nederland BV, and Westland.

A second publicly funded project with WUR aims to understand the mechanisms driving flavor and texture perception of meat equivalents. It intends to apply its findings across the supply chain to improve the sensory quality of meat equivalents. This project also includes different consortium partners.

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Date Published: 20th July 2022

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