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20th April 2023  Editorial by: newprotein staff writer

Sweegen Launches Sweetensify™ Flavors, Debuting Sweet Protein Brazzein Technology

Sweegen, a leading global innovator in sweetness and flavor, has announced the launch of Sweetensify™ Flavors, its newest flavor tool for food and beverage manufacturers to develop products that are better for everyone.

By improving and modulating sweet flavor and producing a sugar-like experience, Sweetensify Flavors, powered by Sweegen's revolutionary sweet protein technology, push the boundaries of healthier product innovation.

Casey McCormick, vice president of global innovation at Sweegen, commented, "Sweetensify Flavors will change how product developers think about reducing or eliminating sugar in beverages and foods. The flavor expression enabled by Sweetensify Flavors optimizes the sensory experience and enables a more sugar-like taste. It is substantially better than any previous technology. We target taste receptors on a biochemistry level that others simply cannot."

Indeed Sweegen is leading innovation in sweetness delivery, with their Bestevia® Reb M being the first new-generation stevia technology to be approved by the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) in 2021.

Sweegen's Sweetensify Flavors debuts brazzein, the company's highly sought-after sweet protein, as well as thaumatin II.

Sweegen's thaumatin II is several times sweeter than sucrose and is considered safe for consumption by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), plus it has Flavor Extract Manufacturer's Association (FEMA) GRAS status.

Brazzein is a small, heat-stable protein, 500 to 2,000 times sweeter than regular sugar, making it very attractive to food and beverage manufacturers seeking excellent value in a sweetener. As a sweetener, brazzein promises little to no bitter aftertaste and helps to reduce sweet linger, reducing taste modulation challenges in the natural sweetener space.

Brazzein is stable in a wide range of pH and retains its qualities after pasteurization. It is also readily soluble, making it ideal for sugar reduction across a spectrum of food and beverage applications.

It is anticipated that (FEMA) GRAS status for brazzein will follow.

Luca Giannone, senior vice president of global sales at Sweegen, commented, "We are the only company that has successfully scaled brazzein,"  "We look forward to the sensory results and feedback from our customers in anticipation of brazzein joining thaumatin II's FEMA GRAS status,"

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Date Published: 20th April 2023

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