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29th June 2023  Content supplied by: Standing Ovation

Standing Ovation joins Precision Fermentation Alliance and Food Fermentation Europe

Standing Ovation, a key player in the food transition, specialized in the production of non-animal caseins by precision fermentation (1) announces that it has joined the Precision Fermentation Alliance (PFA) and the Food Fermentation Europe (FFE), two trade organizations representing precision fermentation players in the food industry in the US, Europe and Israel. These two organizations aim to act as the industry's spokespersons to government bodies, industry and other economic players, as well as consumers, to promote the use of precision fermentation for a resilient and sustainable food system (2) (3).

Standing Ovation aims to support the food transition by developing non-animal, lactose-free substitutes for cheese and dairy products, using proteins produced by microbial fermentation. The company has developed an innovative process to produce non-animal caseins by precision fermentation. Caseins are the main proteins in milk, and their production by fermentation is a major challenge in the field of alternative proteins. Indeed, fermentative caseins, identical to their animal analogues, are paving the way to creating true replicas of dairy products, while providing the same taste and nutritional benefits. By bringing its process to industrial scale, the Paris-based start-up is positioning itself as a key player in the field of precision fermentation.

(1) About precision fermentation
Precision fermentation is the process of producing ingredients of interest by fermenting micro-organisms (such as yeast, algae or fungi) in a confined environment. In the food sector, it enables the production of identical, longlasting versions of ingredients appreciated by consumers, without the use of animals. It is already used today to produce rennet, amino acids and vitamins, various milk trace elements and beta-lactoglobulin from whey.


(2) About Precision Fermentation Alliance
Precision Fermentation Alliance was created to champion precision fermentation as a trusted solution for a more resilient and sustainable food system, worldwide. Its main objectives are to:

  • Promote understanding of precision fermentation technology. Establish global transparency around ingredients and foods made with precision fermentation to build trust and familiarity.
  • Educate and engage key stakeholders throughout the food industry value chain to establish best practices regarding regulatory, manufacturing, food safety, and communications standards and compliance.
  • Develop market access and the ability to operate and market products effectively by engaging with regulators. Unlock public funding and public-private partnerships to accelerate industry growth.


(3) About Food Fermentation Europe (FFE)
Food Fermentation Europe is a trade organization that aims to raise awareness and promote precision fermentation in Europe. Its 3 objectives are to:

  • To raise awareness and build a supportive, forward-looking policy framework for fermentation food and food ingredients in Europe.
  • To advocate for a predictable, non-discriminatory, and market-based regulatory framework for fermentation food and food ingredients to enable fair competition among market players.
  • To act as center of expertise to inform policymakers and stakeholders about the importance of the sector and work in partnership with stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition to more sustainable food systems.

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Date Published: 29th June 2023

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