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1st December 2022  Product update: Solaris Biotechnology Srl

Solaris to Help Further Develop and Scale Seafood Cultivation Processes

Solaris Biotech, a leading innovator and manufacturer of bioreactors, fermenters and tangential flow filtration systems, has entered into an agreement with Wildtype, a San Francisco-based company focused on creating cultivated seafood. The two companies will engage in a collaborative development program to design a next-generation family of bioreactor systems to help meet the growing demand for seafood.

Alternative proteins are at the forefront of innovative approaches to food production. "Solaris, with our specialized bioprocessing equipment, is uniquely positioned to play a significant role in the advancement of new cultured food technologies," said Matteo Brognoli, Managing Director of Solaris. "Alternative proteins have become the fastest growing segment for bioreactor systems, and we are proud that our cultivators are enabling technology for a leap in the food industry."




Date Published: 1st December 2022

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