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9th February 2022  Content supplied by: Zero Acre Farms

Seed Oils Are Bad for People and the Planet. Zero Acre Farms is Using Fermentation to Replace Them

Zero Acre Farms, a start-up that produces healthy oils and fats from fermentation, closed an oversubscribed Series A round co-led by Lowercarbon Capital and Fifty Years, for a total of $37 million in funding to date. Other investors include S2G Ventures, Virgin Group, Collaborative Fund, Robert Downey Jr.'s FootPrint Coalition Ventures, and Chef Dan Barber, among others.

Zero Acre Farms seeks to bring an end to the era of destructive vegetable oils, which have been linked to widespread chronic disease and deforestation. Vegetable oils such as soybean, sunflower, canola, and palm oil, are the most consumed food in the world after rice and wheat, and the fastest-growing sub-sector of global agriculture. They’re present in nearly all restaurant meals and packaged food products, making them difficult for most people to avoid.

At the same time, however, the increase in vegetable oil consumption is linked to increased rates of obesity and chronic disease, including heart disease—now the leading cause of death in the world. 

The other great problem with vegetable oils is that they take a massive toll on the environment. More vegetable oils are produced globally than all beef, chicken, shrimp, and cheese combined, contributing to record rates of deforestation and carbon emissions. 

Zero Acre Farms is using fermentation to make it possible to enjoy healthy fat without the downsides. "Fermentation is the original culinary art, after fire," says co-founder and CEO Jeff Nobbs. "We use this ancient technique to produce oils and fats with significantly lower levels of the bad fats that have been linked to inflammation and disease while having a fraction of the environmental footprint. We're proud to be the first company stepping up with the mission to completely remove industrial 'vegetable' oils from our food system."

To discuss the science and controversies around different oils and fats, Zero Acre Farms is hosting The Future of Fat Virtual Summit on March 3 featuring leading doctors, researchers, climate scientists, and thought leaders. 

"Eliminating vegetable oils is a critical step in preventing chronic disease," adds Dr. Cate Shanahan, author of Deep Nutrition and a Zero Acre Farms advisor who is presenting at the event. "I'm honored to advocate for Zero Acre Farms and hope that by spreading awareness about the devastating effects of vegetable oils, more people will find healthier and more sustainable alternatives."

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Date Published: 9th February 2022

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