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8th May 2024  Content supplied by: Kerry Taste and Nutrition

Redefining Supplements - Kerry Launch Digital Innovation Hub

Kerry Group, has unveiled its new digital innovation hub for supplements, a significant step forward in Kerry’s mission to redefine the space. A one-stop-shop for customers, the hub will feature invaluable information, including:  

  • Expert interview videos with Kerry’s leading scientists and subject matter experts
  • New proprietary global research featuring consumer preferences in supplements and across key health platforms
  • Insights into consumer taste preferences in supplements, in categories like gummies and functional beverage
  • Clinical study data for Kerry’s ingredients
  • Solutions tools, including videos, sell sheets, and brochures for each of Kerry’s proactive health ingredients

By combining premium, clinically proven ingredients with the brand’s ingenuity in taste, Kerry is creating leading-edge health and wellness solutions that blend the best of science, sourcing and sensory. The science-backed, impact-driven innovator offers ingredients designed with consumer needs front of mind.

Kerry is committed to delivering supplement ingredients that are not only science-backed but clinically unique in how they support a variety of pressing consumer wellness needs, including:

  • Digestive Health: ingredients that support the gut microbiome, impacting overall wellness including Sporevia® and Plenibiotic™.
  • Immune Health: solutions that allow consumers to be well and stay well including Wellmune® and Wellmune® Adapt.
  • Cognitive Health: naturally derived, scientifically backed ingredients to aid in stress management, healthy sleep, brain function and more including Sensoril® and Eupoly-3®.
  • Women’s & Infant Health: supporting all stages of life, from hormonal balance and fertility to breastfeeding to menopause and beyond including Caronositol® Fertility, LC40® Breastcare and Infant, and Luprenol®.

Kerry’s breadth of capabilities and depth of expertise in clinical science are built on a legacy of research success, merging the resources and capabilities of multiple acquisitions with the in-house expertise the company has accumulated over the past decade-plus. With extensive preclinical capabilities, global research partnerships, more than 100 clinical study publications demonstrating the positive health impacts of its ingredient solutions, over a dozen ongoing clinical studies, and a robust pipeline of new ingredient launches, Kerry is a true powerhouse of innovation for the discovery, development, and evolution of impactful clinical science that can improve people’s lives and the overall health and wellbeing of society.

Visit Kerry Group for more or use the Request Information button below to contact the company.



Date Published: 8th May 2024

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