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8th March 2023  Product update: Nimisha Suraj

Ready Burger to Pioneer Use of Givaudan's PrimeLock+™ Technology

Popular UK-based vegan restaurant chain Ready Burger has announced plans to integrate Givaudan’s new, innovative technology PrimeLock+™ into their products; Ready Burger will be one of the first companies in the world to integrate this patent-pending technology into their plant-based food products.

Founded in 2021, Ready burger is the brainchild of founders Max Miller and Adam Clark and aims to be the first of its kind to offer affordable, plant-based options to the global market. The restaurant chain offers a wide variety of plant-based options, ranging from their plant-based nuggets to the world’s first 99p plant-based burger, which is a highly-regarded product released as part of Veganuary 2022.

PrimeLock+™ is a vegan-friendly technology developed by Givaudan for savory plant-based applications. Primelock+™ is an integrated technology providing flavor and stability while reducing fat, making it much more than just a straightforward fat substitute.

For plant-based products with a high-fat content, the reality is that they tend to lose their fats and oils quite quickly during the cooking process due to the absence of encapsulating fat cells. Coupled with other factors such as high cooking temperatures, this can, unfortunately, result in a dry and tasteless product which is one of the main problems that PrimeLock+™ technology aims to alleviate in products such as Ready Burger.

PrimeLock+™ technology aims to imitate the flavor and texture of animal-based products in plant-based products by mimicking animal fat cells, which enables fats and oils within the plant-based product to be encapsulated within these fat cells. The fats and oils can then slowly be released during the cooking process, resulting in a better mouthfeel and texture, similar to its animal-based counterparts.

In addition to the improvement of texture and mouthfeel of the product, the integration of PrimeLock+™ into Ready Burger protein products provides a number of other advantages, such as:
  • An approximate 30% decrease in total calories,
  • An approximate 75% decrease in total fat content,
  • Stability during shelf life, as PrimeLock+™, separates protein from flavors.


By mimicking animal fat cells, PrimeLock+™ also offers another unique feature to Ready Burger - the product will have a marbled appearance, similar to animal-based meat products, which is generally considered a difficult feature to replicate in plant-based ingredients.

Givaudan is committed to helping its customers create delicious plant-based products that consumers enjoy,” said Sylvian Jouet, Global Product Manager for Meat Substitutes at Givaudan.

To do this, we have built wide-ranging expertise and a growing suite of Integrated Solutions and Technologies in the alternative protein space. In 2019, we asked ourselves how we could improve the eating experience of plant-based burgers; after extensive research and development, we are excited to launch PrimeLock+™, a unique solution that delivers multiple benefits.”

Technologies such as PrimeLock+™ can solve the organoleptic issues generally associated with plant-based meat analogues and, in turn, pave the way for better vegan meat products and a highly-regarded vegan meat industry.

Learn more about Primelock+™ here or contact the supplier directly using the green "Request Information" button below.  Plus, make sure to sample a Ready Burger on your next visit to London.



Date Published: 8th March 2023

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