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12th January 2021  Content supplied by: EverGrain

Plant-Based Meets Upcycling in a New Protein Isolate from Spent Barley

For a long time, brewer’s spent grain has been used to produce all sorts of baking flours and baked products with good fiber and protein content.

What was missing, however, was a high-protein ingredient, even though barley has the potential to be an excellent source. A new ingredient company called EverGrain is now filling that void in the market.

EverGrain uses a proprietary technology - the result of five years of research and development - to produce protein and fiber barley-based ingredients that can be used in a variety of food and beverage products.

“Our unique barley ingredients will transform plant-based products, delivering better tasting and more nutritious options to consumers who seek a healthier and more sustainable future,” said Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EverGrain, Greg Belt. “EverGrain’s innovative & circular approach offers a scalable, local & reliable solution for the global food industry.”

EverGrain is backed by multinational drink and brewing company AB InBev, which owns a few hundreds beer brands, including Budweiser and Stella Artois.

“AB InBev is proud to support such a remarkable, purpose-driven venture with a mission to create incredible ingredients to nourish the world through the transformative power of circularity,” said Tony Milikin, Chief Sustainability and Procurement Officer, Anheuser-Busch InBev. “EverGrain marks an important milestone in our ultimate goal of building a better world as we look to the next 100 years and beyond.”

EverGrain’s overall strategy is to partner with some of the world’s leading organizations as they turn to barley as an essential ingredient to improve the nutritional value of their products.

For example, here's how bakery ingredients developer Puratos explained the goal of their partnership with EverGrain: “We are working to develop the ingredient technology that will allow bakeries to make great tasting, nutritious and sustainable breads featuring barley ingredients in line with consumer preferred texture and freshness expectations,” said Frederik Lievens, Group Products Director. “At Puratos, our ambition is to accelerate the transformation of our industry. EverGrain’s barley offers a unique plant-based protein and fiber option that doesn’t require additional land, saves water, and lowers a product’s overall carbon footprint.”

The first generation of EverGrain’s product lines are EverPro™ and EverVita™. Both can be used across a wide range of food products: EverPro™, a fully soluble protein isolate, in plant-based protein formulations, including beverages, protein bars and snacks; EverVita™, barley fibers and proteins with minimal starch, as a single solution to boost the nutrition and gut health benefits of baked goods, pasta and snacks without impacting taste and texture.

An example of a product made with EverGrain’s ingredients is Take Two Food’s barley milk.

The company will launch more products in the United States and Europe in the first quarter of 2021.



Date Published: 12th January 2021

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