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10th October 2023  Product update: ProFuse Technology

Profuse Technology's Game-Changing Media Supplements and Growth Protocols for 3D Cultivated Meat

Profuse Technology, has announced a breakthrough in its cutting-edge technology that is poised to reshape the landscape of muscle production in 3D format on scaffolds.

Profuse Technology's media supplements and growth protocols achieve an astounding 80% reduction in the duration of the muscle growth phase on 3D scaffolds to only 48 hours to drive a more sustainable and efficient future for meat production. Beyond the remarkable acceleration of growth, the technology also elevates muscle tissue protein content by a factor of five, providing a healthier and protein-rich alternative to traditional meat sources.

What sets Profuse Technology apart is its unique capability to facilitate the production of fully mature muscle tissue in a 3D environment, closely mirroring conventionally farmed meat. This innovative approach heralds a new era in cultivated meat production, ensuring that the end product is closer to being indistinguishable from traditionally sourced meat, both in taste and texture.

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Date Published: 10th October 2023

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