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8th February 2024  Product update: NewProtein staff writer

PROFUSE-B8: Novel Bovine Cell Line Available for Licensing

ProFuse Technology has launched PROFUSE-B8, a pioneering spontaneously immortalized bovine myoblast cell line available for licensing. This innovative development marks a significant milestone in the cultivated meat industry, introducing a paradigm shift in the efficient cultivation of protein-rich muscle tissue.

Extensively researched and tested over a comprehensive two-year period, the PROFUSE-B8 cell line presents cultivated meat producers with a stable and robust foundation for the development of scalable, repeatable, and cost-competitive production processes. Notably, B8 achieves this without resorting to genetic modification technology, ensuring optimal alignment with consumer preferences and acceptance.

Complementing its groundbreaking attributes, when integrated with the PROFUSE-S1 muscle differentiation media supplement muscle tissue production is accelerated, offering increased efficiency within shorter production times.

ProFuse Technology remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing the cultivated meat sector by providing cutting-edge muscle-related production solutions. Concurrently, the company is actively engaged in the development of additional muscle production-optimized cell lines tailored for chicken, pork, lamb, and fish.

For more information on the B8 cell line and licensing opportunities please visit



Date Published: 8th February 2024

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