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15th June 2022  Content supplied by: Wilk (formerly known as Biomilk)

Production of Cell-cultured Human Milk Advances With Lab Made Lactoferrin

Wilk have announced successful production of the breast milk protein, lactoferrin, in internal testing in its laboratories. This makes Wilk one of the first bio-FoodTech companies to advance the production of cell-cultured human milk.

Lactoferrin, a key protein in human breast milk, can be found in concentrations up to 50 times higher than bovine milk, is the major protein responsible for providing iron and other key nutrients to nursing infants and is essential to supporting the growth and development of newborns. Incorporating human lactoferrin proteins into infant formula can result in a product that is considerably closer to real breast milk than the cow and plant-based substitutes currently available on the market.

“This breakthrough brings us one step closer to our goal of providing all infants with the full range of nutritional benefits that can only be found in breast milk,” said Tomer Aizen CEO of Wilk. “This is significant news for both the infant formula industry and parents who may soon have access to the optimal product for ensuring their infants’ growth and development.”

In addition to its benefits for infant nutrition, lactoferrin has displayed significant potential in addressing a range of other health issues, with studies showing its preventive and therapeutic benefits for conditions including coronary heart disease and even coronavirus. Recent trials have also reported that lactoferrin can bind to some of the receptors through which the coronavirus attacks cells in the digestive and respiratory system, thus potentially preventing infection.

Wilk estimates that further development will enable the production of human lactoferrin in unlimited amounts, thus facilitating the long-term sustainable production of such proteins independent of animal or human sources.




Date Published: 15th June 2022

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