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28th February 2024  Content supplied by: Nutraceuticals Europe

Preview of Latest Innovations in Healthy Living and Wellness at Nutraceuticals 2024

Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo, Spain’s foremost trade event centered on functional ingredients, novel foods, and finished products, is poised to show the market the latest innovations and solutions from an industry that is 100% grounded in innovation and transforms the best nature has to offer into health and wellness.

Many of the products being launched will be featured in the ‘Premium Substances’ zone at Nutraceuticals, which brings together some of the most significant innovations being shown at the fair, which is organised by Feria Valencia and takes place on 6th and 7th of March at Barcelona’s International Congress Centre.

One example is the line of new items from Euromed Pure – Hydro Process, which will be presenting several new natural extract products, such as a patented fig extract that stabilizes blood sugar levels, a standardized olive extract that is a powerful antioxidant, an artichoke extract with the potential to promote pre-biotic health, a clinically researched cucumber extract that promotes joint health and an innovative standardized lemon extract, eriocitrin, that can enhance cardio-metabolic, vascular and cognitive function. The standout products amongst the broad spectrum of innovations the company will be launching in the ‘Premium Substance’ zone are a standardized extract of spinach leaves that enhances muscle strength and quality, and a revolutionary pomegranate extract with multiple health applications including nutri-cosmetics and cardiovascular and intestinal health.

Wacker has another set of outstanding propositions, based on the new technology it has developed to mask tastes in gummies – a frequent problem faced in the nutraceuticals industry. Another manufacturer, Trades, will be showing its new neutral-flavour protein drink, whilst Alesco will be introducing its innovative, improved magnesium oxide and Sabinsa promises to revolutionise the market with a new curcumin-based product, the only one of its type to have been approved for the European market by the EFSA and that enable manufacturers to formulate small doses.

Gelita, for its part, will also be showing a new protein geared to athletes, a specific bioactive peptide formula that enhances sports performance, stamina and energy metabolism; whilst Abyss will be launching a new, natural bioactive ingredient that soothes the skin and the mind of those who have skin that is sensitive and/or tends to be atopic.

Deretic will showing two extracts of olive with different formulations and anti-inflammatory properties, whilst the ‘Premium Substances’ zone will also be the platform for Innobio to introduce new products it has developed made with liposomal iron on the one hand and a new substance made with an extract of pine and a high vitamin D3 content. Givaudan, for its part, is set to be a stand-out feature of this section of the show as it will be showing a new component that contains zinc and vitamins A & C from natural sources such as carrot and acerola powder, which help the immune system function normally.

Other notable innovations set to be revealed in the ‘Premium Substances’ zone include a new product from Azelis that is a combination of two plant-based compounds that improve memory and cognitive health, and Skyherb’s rhodiola rosea, which helps the body adapt and overcome physical and mental stress. Equally impressive are two products from Bionap: an extract, in standardized powder form, obtained from the juice of a unique variety or blood orange on the one hand and an extract, also in powder form, obtained from opuntia (prickly pear) cladode juice that acts as a pre-biotic agent.

Lastly, further outstanding products range from PB Leiner’s new suite of peptides made from top-quality fish collagen, to two new pro- and pre-biotics from Kyojin Probiotic and Disproquima’s new source of low-odour calcium butyrate in capsule form, which enhances gut health and wellbeing.

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Date Published: 28th February 2024

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