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3rd March 2022  Content supplied by: Symrise AG

Predict How Plant-Based Proteins Will Behave With Symrise’s Protiscan™

Plant-based formulations are often a brand new terrain for food manufacturers. Unless you know really well the ingredients you're using, you'll never be sure if that particular formulation will develop off-notes or an undesired texture.

Trial and error is a great way to resolve these unknowns, and allthough you cannot get rid of experimentation completely, the better you can predict how an ingredient will behave, the more time you'll save. 

With ProtiScan™, Symrise helps its customers assess alternative protein sources and applications. In the creation of this tool, Symrise has linked food technology information about proteins with sensory and consumer-driven data, to develop predictive models for a more efficient product development.

Protiscan™ performs a rapid multidimensional screening of volatile substances, balancing foreign off-notes and achieving the optimal flavor release. Highly selective detectors make the taste-giving components understandable and enable their exact analysis. Thanks to a specific headspace technology combined with fully automated processes, Protiscan™ can identify, quantify and cluster key properties of protein sources.

“Taste forms the key component for the success of products using alternative, plant-based proteins," says Lars Grohmann, Master Technologist at the Symrise Research Center. "Protiscan™ provides crucial targeted intelligence for manufacturers looking to understand and satisfy the changing attitudes driving a plant-forward future.”  

With Protiscan™, Symrise is taking a significant step forward to accelerate the innovation process and can help to meet fast-growing consumer demand. In addition, it helps to address the challenge of creating superior tastes while satisfying the discerning expectations of vegans, vegetarians and those looking to embrace a more plant-based lifestyle.

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Date Published: 3rd March 2022

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