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22nd April 2024  Content supplied by: CB Therapeutics

Precision Fermentation Sets New Standard for Cost-efficiency and Sustainability

CB Therapeutics Launches Sustainable Colors

  • CB Therapeutics uses precision fermentation to create vibrant natural colors.
  • These colors serve as antioxidants and nutrients, boosting overall health.
  • Precision fermentation reduces carbon emissions, with estimates suggesting a reduction of metric tons of CO2 annually.
  • CB Therapeutics is seeking partners to collaborate on these sustainable colors.

Harnessing the transformative potential of precision fermentation, CB Therapeutics unveils a vibrant palette of natural colors, including striking orange from carrots (β-carotene), deep purple from beets (betalains), bold red from tomatoes (lycopene), sunny yellow from marigolds (lutein), and more. The synergy of these hues offers an extensive array of colors, catering to diverse consumer demands and industrial applications.

Beyond their aesthetic allure, these natural molecules serve as vital antioxidants and nutrients, fortifying cells against harmful free radicals and bolstering overall health. The adoption of CB Therapeutics' innovative solutions not only elevates product quality but also reinforces a commitment to consumer well-being and environmental stewardship, emphasized Sher Ali Butt, Co-Founder and CEO of CB Therapeutics.

Jacob Vogan, Co-Founder and CSO of CB Therapeutics, added that “in stark contrast to conventional methods, which often entail exorbitant costs, lengthy processes, and yield significant environmental repercussions, precision fermentation offers a sustainable and efficient alternative. By utilizing precision fermentation, CB Therapeutics significantly reduces carbon emissions, with estimates suggesting a reduction of metric tons of CO2 annually compared to traditional color production methods.”

CB Therapeutics is now looking to collaborate with partners who need these sustainable colors. Interested companies can contact the company by using the Request Information button below.



Date Published: 22nd April 2024

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