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14th June 2023  Content supplied by: Kemin Industries, Inc.

Positive EFSA Opinion for Kemin's BetaVia™ Pure

Kemin Industries has received a positive opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)1 for the use of BetaVia™ Pure, its algae-based, 95% beta-1,3-glucan (paramylon) ingredient for immune and gut support,2-4 in the European Union.

Manufactured through a patented process using Kemin’s proprietary strain of algae, Euglena gracilis, BetaVia Pure is the highest purity beta-glucan currently available on the market.5 With its neutral odor, color and small recommended dose, this postbiotic can be included in numerous finished-product forms and easily included as part of a daily health routine.

The EFSA opinion confirms that BetaVia Pure is considered safe when used in food supplements for ages one and older; in foods for total diet replacement for weight control; and as a food ingredient added to a number of food products for the general population. EFSA could not have reached this positive conclusion without the proprietary safety data from Kemin. As a result, EFSA has granted Kemin a five-year exclusivity in the European market.

“Receiving the second EFSA positive opinion on BetaVia—now with BetaVia Pure—allows us to bring our full algae beta-1,3-glucan product line to the European market,1,6” said Chris Sadewasser, Global Product Manager, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health. “This critical recognition is the result of EFSA’s meticulous evaluation of the data from Kemin’s dossier, which demonstrates the safety of our BetaVia ingredient in its more concentrated form, BetaVia Pure.”  

Kemin’s research has found that the unique molecular structure of algae beta-1,3-glucan from proprietary Euglena gracilis can offer immune and gut health through its triple action mechanisms of priming key immune cells, protecting intestinal barrier integrity and shaping the microbiome.7-10

“We are very pleased with the extensive work done by our R&D and regulatory teams that allowed Kemin to take a leading position in Europe’s algae beta-glucan market,” said Pedro Vieira, Vice President – Europe, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health. “The rising interest in products offering both immune and gut support,2-4 combined with consumers' desire for quality ingredients with proven safety and efficacy, makes our BetaVia ingredient line the solution for a new generation of formulas that meet these needs.”

BetaVia offers a naturally sourced, postbiotic ingredient that can be included in dietary supplements and functional foods as a boost to diets chronically low in dietary fiber4 and/or for those whose gastrointestinal tracts are likely experiencing the consequences of daily stress.

BetaVia has an established regulatory status on a global basis, including in the U.S., Brazil, Japan, China and many other countries. Kemin Human Nutrition and Health’s naturally sourced solutions are GRAS, kosher, halal, vegetarian, gluten free, allergen free and non-GMO.

Click here for more information on formulating with BetaVia for better immune and gut support or use the Request Information button to email the company directly.

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Date Published: 14th June 2023

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