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12th April 2023  Product update: newprotein staff writer

Plant-based Egg White from Schouten Europe

Schouten has developed a unique plant-based egg white that offers the same nutritional benefits as real chicken egg protein without harming animals or the environment. The product is suitable for people with egg allergies.

The Schouten plant-based egg white can be used in a variety of applications, such as spreads, meal salads, wraps and sandwiches. This makes it a versatile ingredient for food companies looking to add plant-based options to their product lines.

Schouten’s No Egg White is now available to food companies and manufacturers in Europe and abroad. Schouten will also present the product at the PLMA Trade Show in Amsterdam on 23 and 24 May. The vegan product is available chilled in 4.5 kg pouches and has a shelf life of at least three months. Made from rapeseed oil and soy protein, the product offers the authentic experience of chicken egg white in both taste and texture.

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Date Published: 12th April 2023

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