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25th November 2021  Product update: newprotein staff writer

Perfect Day Launches Two Protein Supplements Made With Cow-Free Whey

Perfect Day announced the launch in 2022 of two protein sport supplements in partnership with its consumer-facing subsidiary The Urgent Company and Natreve. 

Both products feature Perfect Dairy’s ingredient: whey protein made with precision fermentation. Perfect Day uses fungi whose genetic blueprint is modified to correspond to whey protein. As they ferment in large tanks, they produce a protein with all the properties of whey, minus the cow. 

Natreve is a wellness company that produces premium dietary supplements with vegan, and Keto options. The new animal-free whey protein powder - available to US consumers only - is branded MOOLESS and contains 20 grams of protein per serving. For The Urgent Company, the new whey powder will be the first product of a new sports nutrition brand called California Performance Co. The product will be available in the US, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

This is Perfect Day's first consumers product in the sports nutrition segment, but not the first co-branded product in its portfolio: "After highlighting the functionality of our protein in cream cheese, ice cream and baked goods, this new category brings the nutritional superiority of our protein to the forefront,” said co-founder and CEO Ryan Pandya.

The company recently closed a Series D funding round in preparation of an initial public offering. 

To learn more about Perfect Day's technology and partnership opportunities, visit



Date Published: 25th November 2021

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