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2nd November 2023  Content supplied by: Ingood By Olga

PEAKARA® an Upcycled, Plant-based Protein for Sports Nutrition

The sports nutrition market is a rapidly growing sector driven by the rise of active lifestyle consumers, in addition to athletes, plus there is an increased focus on plant-based protein products.

According to a survey on sports nutrition consumers conducted by V-label GmbH in 2021, 71% of
consumers say that 'plant-based proteins' are attractive, ahead of “whey protein,” where 69% say so.

Ingood by Olga is continuing to develop its offering in the nutrition and health markets with a range of plant-based Nutri-functional ingredients. Aiming to offer the best range of materials by providing natural and functional ingredients for a wide audience base.

After 2 years in development focusing on a commitment to limiting environmental impact and food waste for a more circular model, Ingood by Olga has launched a new nutri-functional ingredient: PEAKARA®. The name is a contraction of 'PEA' to emphasize the material from which it is derived (European yellow pea) and 'KARA', a play on the word "okara" to emphasize that this is an upcycled ingredient.

What is PEAKARA®?
PEAKARA® is an innovative plant-based and upcycled ingredient made from European yellow peas, developed specifically for sports nutrition recovery post-workout.

The pea protein PEAKARA® is:

  • protein-rich with high-quality proteins 55%
  • a healthy omega 3 and omega 6 ratio at 1:5
  • rich in fibers, more than 8%
  • and low in sugars, less than 1%

PEAKARA® has a unique protein composition for a plant-based protein with a quality close to that of an animal-based protein: it is rich in EAA’s: 46% per 100g of protein and in BCAA’s: 22.4% per 100g of protein.

PEAKARA® is a complete source of essential amino acids (EAA’s) and is highly digestible with a chemical index of 157 (according to regulation 96/8 CE) and a PDCAAS of 1 (FAO, 1991).

PEAKARA® is perfect for healthy and tasty plant-based protein-enriched applications targeting post-workout recovery for a high-quality plant-based protein enrichment. Neutral in taste and non-allergenic, it's perfect for healthy, vegan, and tasty plant-based protein-enriched applications such as ready-to-mix protein powders, protein bars, energy balls, desserts, spreads, etc.

Ingood by Olga will be present at FiE 2023, Pavillon France booth 3.1C110, to introduce this
innovation. Use the Request Information button below to arrange a stand visit, or go to



Date Published: 2nd November 2023

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