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5th September 2023  Content supplied by: Prinova Group Llc

On-trend Plant Proteins for Sports Nutrition

Research in 2022 suggested that around half of European consumers prefer plant proteins over dairy in sports nutrition products.* And in a Prinova survey this year 42% of consumers named plant proteins as one of the ingredients they most looked for in sports nutrition products. This compared to 26% who looked for whey or dairy protein, 15% who looked for egg protein and 8% who looked for meat proteins.

Prinova is a leading distributor of natural, high-quality plant proteins from sources such as rice, pea, lentil, and fava bean, specialising in solutions that are optimised for flavour, texture and mouthfeel.

It has the expertise to help you create a customised blend of plant proteins that delivers exactly the nutrition profile and functionality you need. This ensures you have an expert by your side, every step of the way.

*Coyne, A ‘Plant Power – the rise of vegan sports nutrition products’, Just Food, September 2022

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Date Published: 5th September 2023

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