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23rd November 2023  Content supplied by: Omya

Omya Showcase Natural Ingredient Solutions That Add Health Benefits

Omya will present a range of natural ingredients at this year's FiE Global, all of which provide added health benefits, enhanced nutritional values, and optimal process efficiency for a broad range of applications. Highlighted products include both non-nano flow aids Omyafood® 120, known for its excellent moisture-binding properties, and Omya Calcipur®, a fine-particle white pigment designed to reduce mechanical interlocking in powders. Omya will also showcase natural colour and flavouring solutions alongside innovative excipients for dietary supplements and nutraceuticals.

Mineral-based flow aids by Omya meet the growing demand for natural, safe, and clean-label powders across various food sectors. Powders exposed to temperature and humidity fluctuations during processing or storage can easily clump, leading to diminished product quality and increased energy consumption. The low-dust ingredients from Omya not only address these processing challenges but also enhance storage and product excellence throughout the supply chain, thus improving the application for ultimate end-user satisfaction.

Visitors to the show can also explore natural solutions in the company's distribution portfolio, such as colourants and flavours: The Purple Sweet Potato Concentrate, extracted from tubers, delivers a range of shades from red to purple, all of which are more stable than fruit-based anthocyanins. Colour results based on pH levels of the application perfectly replicate meat-like tints for plant-based burger patties and vegan sausages and provide a natural appearance for drinkable and spoonable dairy alternatives as well. Another featured natural colourant is Safflower Extract, derived from the flower's petals through aqueous extraction, resulting in yellow to bright orange colours. Available in different concentrations, the liquid or powdered extract adds a lively tone to fruit preparations for all kinds of dairy substitutes, ensuring an authentic appearance. When combined with the company's own high-quality calcium minerals, the ingredients offer endless possibilities for easy-to-process, all-round solutions.

Omyanutra® 300 DC and Omyanutra® 300 Flash, two innovative excipients for overcoming processing challenges related to dietary supplements, will also be highlighted. Both ingredients allow for free-flowing, directly compressible blends and provide excellent compactibility at a broad range of compression forces compared to benchmark excipients such as lactose and microcrystalline cellulose. In addition, the minerals enable fast disintegration thanks to their particles' porous structure, which supports the safe carrying and release of active ingredients. Containing a superdisintegrant, Omyanutra® 300 Flash is a perfect all-in-one solution for tablet manufacturers. It delivers quick dissolution in orally and fast-dissolving tablets (ODTs/FDTs) regardless of the hardness of the solid dosage form.

At the show, several prototypes and showcases will demonstrate the ease of use and versatility of all Omya solutions. From the already staple cinnamon biscuits to chocolate lentils with Omya Calcipur® 110 as an opacifier, to Bone Boost, Creatine Chewables, and B12 Flash tablets with Omya active and inactive ingredients such as Calcipur®, Omyanutra DC® and Flash®.




Date Published: 23rd November 2023

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