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9th November 2023  Content supplied by: Ohly

Ohly's Speciality Yeast Products Deliver Flavour and Nutritional Value to Vegan Diets

Finding ways to deliver convincing taste and texture in plant-based diets is highly important to Ohly – a leading supplier of specialty yeast extracts and yeast-based products. Ohly has produced innovative products such as OHLY® SAV-R-FULL and OHLY® FLAV-R-MAX, to help create successful, nutritional plant-based products.

As well as providing authentic flavours, their yeast-based ingredients can reduce salt by up to 40% in plant-based solutions.

  • OHLY SAV-R-FULL is a baker’s yeast extract, which provides a rich, fatty mouthfeel and brings out the juiciness in plant based proteins. With many vegan protein alternatives being high in fat for added flavour and texture, OHLY SAV-R-FULL helps reduce the need for additional fats, making it an attractive option for those adhering to a low-fat or healthier diets.
  • OHLY FLAV-R-MAX, another yeast extract from Ohly, provides a clean, umami-rich taste that can enhance meat profiles or support creamy dairy notes in dairy alternatives. In addition to its taste properties, OHLY FLAV-R-MAX effectively masks off-notes from plant-based proteins. Sold with a carbon-neutral certification, OHLY FLAV-R-MAX will help manufacturers achieve clean, rich-tasting plant-based foods that are good for the health of both the customer and the environment.

Ohly's specialty yeast products provide an exciting avenue for enhancing the flavours and nutritional value of vegan foods. Their umami-boosting properties deliver meaty notes as well as masking undesirable off-notes from plant proteins. Plus they can reduce the necessity for additional sources of fats and salt, whilst the protein-rich contents make them a valuable addition to a nutritionally well-rounded plant-based diet.

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Date Published: 9th November 2023

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