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26th July 2023  Content supplied by: Cult Food Science

Nutritional Validation of Patent Pending Cultivated Pet Food Ingredient Bmmune®

CULT Food Science Corp. have announced further results of third-party nutritional testing of its initial cultivated pet food ingredient, Bmmune®. New results show postbiotic material – vital for gut health, digestion and immunity in dogs – in its cultured ingredients to be superior to plant-based sources.

The laboratory results show Bmmune, CULT's patented cultivated ingredient, is rich in polyphenols, which are found in fruits and other plant-based sources. Apples, pears and berries contain about 200 to 300 mg of polyphenols per 100 grams of fresh fruit. In comparison, Bmmune contains 1,000 mg of polyphenols per 100 gram serving.

Polyphenols are naturally occurring compounds that dogs and cats do not digest directly. The polyphenols consumed in whole foods are broken down by intestinal bacteria, which then produces healthy by-products like short-chain fatty acids.

Polyphenols have been shown to be effective in fighting inflammation, rebalancing a dog or cat's intestinal health, reducing oxidative stress and even, research suggests, reduce bacteria activity related to cancer.

Bmmune is a patented blend of high-protein nutritional yeast and fermentation products, and is the foundational ingredient in CULT's groundbreaking Noochies! Cultivated Pet Food brand.

CULT has developed Bmmune to provide unique and lasting benefits to both dogs and cats. It has focused on gut health and digestion, immunity and longevity – using bioscience to create a food that will help pets live longer lives without the stress of chronic health issues.

In addition to its pet health benefits, Bmmune is a low-input ingredient – made without extensive usage of arable land, fresh water and carbon-emitting farmed animals or equipment. The recent studies on its protein and amino acid profiles reaffirm it is a premium sustainable protein.

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Date Published: 26th July 2023

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