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25th January 2023  Product update: newprotein staff writer

Novel Hybrid Meat Segment Uses Mycoprotein Blend

Together with Swedish food industry players Nybergs Deli and ICA, Mycorena is attempting to speed up the development of a new category of hybrid meat products. By introducing mixed meat and mycoprotein products, aiming to facilitate a transition toward more sustainable consumption.

While plant-based choices are more sustainable, recent studies and debates have revealed significant drawbacks in terms of nutritional value and absorption. And, thus far, plant-based products have yet to match customer expectations to the point where they cause a market shift. Even hybrid goods combining plant-based protein and meat have failed to gain traction. Mycorena attempts to create hybrid products that are tailored to user demands in order to influence consumer behaviour.

Combining meat with more qualitative, nutritional, and sustainable options, such as mycoprotein, ensures that the products retain the qualities that consumers value. According to preliminary product validation testing, customers value health and nutrition equally when it comes to sustainability. Hybrid goods could drastically reduce consumers' meat intake while still providing adequate nutrition and allowing them to enjoy the benefits of meat.

Promyc, Mycorena's patented mycoprotein ingredient, has a meat-like texture and a neutral taste, making it a good alternative for hybrid mixes to preserve the desired taste and texture. Hybrids are a conscientious decision for anyone who wants to eat less meat, as well as an easy one for those who struggle with it. Furthermore, it has high nutritional content, ensuring a well-balanced and healthful diet. Despite these benefits, the market has yet to capitalize on mycoprotein's potential in a hybrid area.

As a result, Mycorena is already creating hybrid prototypes to test combinations and validate items on the market. Beginning with mainstream mince products developed in collaboration with Nybergs Deli, the mycoprotein manufacturer plans to test the market and consumer demand with ICA before launching a new category.




Date Published: 25th January 2023

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