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3rd April 2024  Content supplied by: The Protein Brewery

The Protein Brewery Receives Novel Food Regulatory Approval for Fermotein®

The Protein Brewery's Fermotein: A Global Food Revolution

  • Fermotein, is fermented fungi rich in fibre and protein, made from globally available, non-allergenic crops.
  • The Protein Brewery has received regulatory approval from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to import, manufacture, and sell food ingredients featuring Fermotein in Singapore.
  • The company has also secured the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status in the U.S. for the proposed use of a new fungi strain’s mycelium in human food.

The Protein Brewery, an innovative developer of plant-based, highly nutritious food ingredients, has received regulatory approval by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to import, manufacture and sell food ingredients featuring Fermotein in Singapore.

Dedicated to combating climate change and promoting healthier diets worldwide, The Protein Brewery champions the transition to alternative food sources worldwide. The company’s hero product is Fermotein, a fermented fungi with a highly nutritious, healthy, and sustainable profile. The food ingredient is rich in fibre and protein and can be made of globally available, water-efficient, non-allergenic crops such as corn, potatoes, cassava, and sugar beet. This allows for commercialization around the globe on a local scale.

The company diligently submitted a novel food dossier on Fermotein to various regulatory agencies worldwide, including SFA. Besides the approval from SFA, The Protein Brewery has also secured the self-affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status in the U.S. of the proposed use of a new fungi strain’s mycelium in human food. Now, with regulatory approval in Singapore, The Protein Brewery eagerly extends its commercial operations beyond the United States of America to Singapore.

“We are incredibly pleased about collaborating with the Singapore Food Agency throughout our novel food dossier process. The dialogue between our organizations was characterized by openness and transparency, guided by helpful and engaged professional individuals from the novel food team,” says Dr. Yvonne Dommels, Director of Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs of The Protein Brewery.

Aligned with the company’s mission, CEO Sue Garfitt drives a global sustainable food revolution. Securing regulatory approval in Singapore marks another significant milestone towards achieving this vision. “The Protein Brewery sees tremendous potential to enhance the nutritional landscape of everyday food and drink choices for the busy Singaporean population. We recognize the trend towards convenience-driven food choices, often leading to reliance on ready-to-eat and takeout meals. By incorporating Fermotein into these and more traditional dishes, we will increase their nutritional value, enriching them with protein and fibre without compromising on taste and texture," emphasizes Garfitt.  In essence, Fermotein sets itself apart from other plant-based proteins by eliminating all the usual organoleptic drawbacks.

The Protein Brewery also awaits novel food authorization in other key markets, such as the UK and the European Union. While the markets in Singapore and the United States offer substantial opportunities to meet current production volumes, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to revolutionizing nutritional paradigms through fungi-based innovations in all markets.

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Date Published: 3rd April 2024

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