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5th July 2023  Content supplied by: Synonym Biotechnologies, Inc.

Next-Gen Techno-Economic Analysis for Fermentation - Project Costs at Scale

Scaler is the first fully interactive, free, online TEA tool enabling synthetic biology companies to project their costs of production and operations at commercial scale.

With a straightforward, dynamic interface, Scaler allows any company developing a bioproduct via fermentation to overcome one of the most pressing challenges it faces: building and operating profitably at commercial scale.

After inputting just a few production variables, users instantly receive a customized techno-economic analysis (TEA) with insights into:

  • Projecting costs (CapEx, OpEx) to build and operate a facility at scale.
  • Identifying a bioproduct’s biggest profitability drivers.
  • Understanding levers of commercial adoption.


At launch, Scaler is free to use, and its model is updated often to reflect changes to operating and capital costs. With Scaler’s release, companies will be able to find reliable, market-vetted data that can jumpstart their capacity plans instead of having to rely on a patchwork of expensive, often unreliable data sources.

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Date Published: 5th July 2023

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